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This page has been in preparation since March 2002 and was posted on Victory Day 9 May 2002. 



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Name: Jean-Sam. Karlen (SSP) data: 2005-03-21 14:57:17 email:
Hello Oldrich,
I have seen a very good example of a Russian contract S&W similar to mine (the full title is, in fact, Smith & Wesson N3 third model Russian .44) while searching on GOOGLE. Search "Russian contract Smith & Wesson", then you'll find "BOB ADAMS - INDEX (SHORT) SALES LIST". You click on it and look under "Smith & Wesson" section. The gun is there with its full title (... and its price: US$ 6500.--). The picture is very clear (NOTE: I'm afraid I have not the holster to go with it).
I hope this information will help you in your research.

Jean-Sam Karlen
I saw it and have been looking at many websites today, privces vary considerably, as low as 1700 to 3000. Must do some more research, I cannot afford to buy something over priced. Oldrich
Name: Ed Emering data: 2005-03-20 17:22:58 email:
Fabulous site with some very valuable information on otherwise obscure countries like Mongolia and Moldova. I am interested in any new medals, which these two countries may award now that they are on the international stage, for example, in Iraq.
Hi Ed, thanks for visiting, I have not seen any such medals yet and do not believe that any Moldovan troops are in Irak,
Bests regards, Oldrich
Name: Jean-Sam. Karlen (SSP) data: 2005-03-19 14:36:07 email:
Jesus Christ!, I really must be tired today...:
IT IS "RS 514.54" and "RS 514.541"...!!!
Dear Jean-Sam
Very complex law and with my poor French ... what are the relevant paras to look at?
Name: Jean-Sam. Karlen (SSP) data: 2005-03-19 13:03:21 email:
Re. "Russian" 1874 Smith & Wesson
I haven't contacted the Russian guy I told you about today, but I will this evening. Here are just the details concerning the Swiss law re. firearms. As I said, the firearms produced before 1890 are considered as mere antiques (like a medal, a painting or even a mere button!) and not as arms anymore. You can have the confirmation via GOOGLE when searching "RS 541.54". Once you have the page, you could find the details as follows: article 2, paragraph 2, letter a, LArm [Law on arms], and article 2, letter a, OArm [Ordnance on arms]).
As soon as I receive an answer from Russia, I'll let you know.
All the best.
Jean-Sam. Karlen
Name: Jeff data: 2005-03-15 23:58:16 email:
I was hoping you could help me identify a fire badge I recieved as a gift from a friend. He is from the soviet union, but bought the badge in ukraine. I am a captain in the fire service and I collect badges. He thought I would enjoy this, but we know none of its history, age etc. If you can help, please let me know and I can email you a picture.
Thanks, Jeff
Hi Jeff, you can post on the forum,
Name: Ruth Fried data: 2005-03-15 19:04:11 email:
My nephew=in-law, who is Russian gave me a large scrapbook with loads of different medals. Can you advise me what book I could buy to determine nature of each and value? I will not be able to do anything with them without this info. Many thanks for your kind response. Ruth Fried
Hi Ruth,
there are a number of books (Mcdaniels, herfurth etc.) or websites to see medals, or scan them and post on my forum, I will try to identify what you have,
Name: Mark Signayevsky data: 2005-03-08 21:31:57 email:
Hi Oldrich,
Interested in Ushakov.
Can offer Red Star Mondvor - low 4 digit.
Email me with more pictures and details please.
Regards, Mark
Name: Graham data: 2005-03-08 10:55:48 email:
Dear Oldrich,
I have recently purchased an 'Order of the Patriotic War first Class, 1985 issue', from one of the reccomended sites in your link page. However, I have my suspicions about it, mostly because some of the gold plate has covered the sword and rifle. I know that these orders are mass-produced, but is this normal?
Dear Graham,

just in case I had not replied earlier, highly unnlikely that a GPWII 1985 issue is forged. In any case the fact that there is a link on my website does not mean I endorse that site!
Name: Alex data: 2005-03-07 14:34:06 email:
Hi John,
Is the 'Medal of Ushakov' still available ? $$$ ????
Also, anything else available which is NOT listed on the website ? I am looking in the area in the more of a rare/higher priced items.

Alex ...
Yes Alex, it is but I will only exchange for something I am looking for (e.g. 20 years RKKA), sorry not for sale,
Name: Tom data: 2005-03-01 08:24:25 email:
Hello Oldrich,

I have been collecting Soviet medals and orders since 1993 when I had assigments in Russian and various republics of the former USSR.

I would be interested in buying the Za Otvagu with document if you are interested in selling it to me.

Name: Mark data: 2005-02-27 21:14:53 email:
Dear Oldrich,

I am a new collector from the UK and am trying to increase my collection.

I see you have a Medal of Ushakov and Order of Lenin in your exchange / sale section. Would you be willing to make a sale as the only items I have for exchange are limited to:
Order of the Red Banner with original suspension & Ribbon (S# 232919 Type 3 Version 2)
Medal for Combat Service (Type 2 Variation 4) with original suspension & Ribbon - 2 more the same without suspensions
Order of the Red Star (S# 3203947 hand engraved Type 2)
Medal for Veteran of Labour with original suspension & Ribbon
Medal for Valiant Labour in the Great Patriotic War with original suspension & Ribbon
Medal for Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War with original suspension & Ribbon

Please let me know of the prices if you can sell.

Many Thanks and a great Site.

Name: Graham Wilson data: 2005-02-27 05:36:22 email:

good evening. I am an Australian collector, currently specialising in military long service and good conduct medals but I also collect other items that are of interest to me. I am currently trying a locate a Medal of Ushakov for either purchase or swap (for Australian, British, New Zealand or Dutch medals). I know you don't sell but can you suggest some sites to go to so I could either purchase an Ushakov or swap?


Graham W
Hi Graham, thanks for visiting, have you got any Soviet medals to swap? As to sites see OMSA or some other links I list, or post on my forum!
Name: Tom Lennon data: 2005-02-23 14:49:49 email:
hey oldrich, I have a photo of some soviet medal ribbons, if i send you the picture, could you tell me what three of the ribbons (arrowed on picture) are? Thanks, Tom Lennon.
sure just put it on the corrct place of the forum, I will try to identify for you,
Name: Raph data: 2005-02-23 03:45:48 email:
I would be interested in buying an 'Order of the Badge of Honor' with a document. Preferably mint condition, but issue is not important. Sorry I have nothing to exchange, but this is the award I'm starting my collection on!
Hi Raph,
think I have one, must see, if you are starting and need anything else let me know what would be of interest from my awards for exchange page,
Name: Rusty data: 2005-02-19 21:06:04 email:
I'm interested in: Medal for 20 Years Irreproachable Service MOOP Azerbaijan
I prefer to buy.

Hi Rusty,

I am keeping this one solely for exchange for another MOOP I do not have (or I would be tempted by an RKKA), sorry, Oldrich
Name: Robert L. (Bob) Himel Sr. data: 2005-02-13 17:27:04 email:
I am looking for badges for members of the Supreme Soviets of not only the 15 republics, but espically the autonomous republics, or any variations of those badges. I have 28 now and seek to fill in the blank spaces. In exchange I have orders of lenin, 60 military academy badges, and a ton of other medals and orders. Please ad me to your want list. Thanks much. Bob
Hi Bob, I unfortunately do not have any badges like there will be no exchange,

Hi Bob,
saw a bunch of Supreme Soviet badges in London (Estonia with ID no 192, Armenia nos 291, 197, 165 and Ukr no. 24). Are you still interested? How much are they worth?
Name: mike data: 2005-02-10 10:39:34 email:
could you give me an idea of the vFair market value of the Russian Order of Lenin in Gold & Platinum and the Bulgarian Order of Georgi Dimitrov in Gold #2 - hollow type III ( both 100% genuine of course)Thanks
Hi Mike,

depends which type, Lenins are all gold and platinum (except very early one's), it also depends whether there is a document or not. In the US I see them on websites still for 700 USD, recently seen them sold in Europe for 800 euros with document, normally aroud a thousand. They are getting rare.

The Dimitrov I am no great specialist, saw one recently for 350 USD I think,
Name: dale mihaylo data: 2005-02-09 16:40:19 email:
anyway here is my correct email. I have russian metals as well. i am sending pictures . thank you
Dale, I am looking forward to them!
Name: Stig data: 2005-02-08 14:35:05 email:
Hello Oldrich!

Need your help with a medal, can I send pictures of it to you? It`s a medal red banner Labor with screw.
Sure,send it!
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