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This page has been in preparation since March 2002 and was posted on Victory Day 9 May 2002. 



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August 2015

Soviet medals and orders are no longer in high demand and the economic problems of Russia have evidently eaten away at the buying power of collectors not only there but also in Ukraine.

I was recently in Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, no Soviet medals there at all save a few jubilee medals for which antique shops charge 100 euros (because of the "Stalin" effect).

I keep adding pages of Transdniestrian coins (Anniversary issues). New page with Ukrainian commemorative coins. One beauty is a new addition to the Transdnistrian Series "Russians" commemorative coin 5 rubles - A.I. LEBED" (1950-2002) issued in 2014.

September 2008

I have started to collect coins, from Moldova and Transdniestria, finding affordable and genuine Soviet medals and orders is not really possible anymore.

December 2007

Nothing much new except that the demand is clearly oustripping demand, even the latest forthcoming Auction in New York of the Galerie Numismatique (Lausanne) has only a few pieces on offer.

October 2007

Have recently travelled through Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus and discovered that the only medals for sale are either all fakes (including declared copies) or just simply suspicious outrageously priced pieces... . Yesterday was good though, on 9 September 2007, I saw and managed to speak to real veterans - celebrating the day of tankists. Nice event, spoke to a fellow, now a colonel with several orders of Bogdan Chmelnitski (two awarded by Ukraine in recent years) who vividly remembered the battles for Konigsberg and Kharkov. For more see Interesting page 4.

December 2004

Yet another, fifth, auction of medals and orders by the La Galerie Numismatique Lausanne was held on 29 November 2004 in Geneva (CH). All were in very good condition, most undocumented, and only a few actually sold . For more see Interesting.

March 2004

A falerist friend in Russia sent me a nice explanation why scans of Soviet awards suddenly disappeared from his site. For his viewpoint on what can happen ever since trading in Soviet orders and medals has been outlawed see attached!

December 2003

Swiss falerist society (Societe Suisse de phaleristique)

The Swiss medals collectors have been around for some time and have members in Switzerland, France and also Belgium..

See their site for a schedule of meetings, events, latest bulletin etc..

8 March 2003

Geneva remains a collectors desert - but I will keep collecting! Does anyone know of any German collectors?

Medals and Orders I am looking for - make me an offer see Awards for exchange.

Moldovan veterans on Liberation day 2002 see News 2!

5 January 2003
For information from Tiraspol and photos - see News 4.

1 January 2003
For complete list of Transdnistrian orders and medals - see News 3.

21 June 2002
Visit to Goznak Moscow - see News 5.

9 May 2002

Veterans celebrate 9 May 2002 in Chisinau Moldova - see News 2.

9 May 2002
Reprint of Article of 10 May 1945 in "" (PRAVDA) - see News 1.



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