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Snapshots from Victory day in Chisinau Moldova. For more click on the photo.






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Anyone know what this is?

      and the reverse      

or this pin depicting the "Comrad Lenin" armoured train (revolutionary wars 1918-1921) built in St.Petersburg (Putilovski plant later Kirov)?

or this (Russian medal commemorating Napoleon's crossing of the Berezina in 1812)?


Swiss falerist society (Societe Suisse de phaleristique)

The Swiss medals collectors have been around for some time and have members in Switzerland, France and also Belgium. See their new site for a schedule of their meetings, events, their latest bulletin etc.. You can also contact them directly by email:

Geneva faleristic auctions

The fifth auction was held on 29 November 2004 in Geneva (organised by the prestigious "La Galerie Numismatique Lausanne" and saw bidding on several high quality Soviet era awards (12 of 201 lots). Surprisingly few were sold and although in good quality and some quite rare. Most were from a Russian born collector whom I managed to meet and talk to (about medals of course and life). The Order of Glory 1st class rose to 3600 CHF (from 3100), Order of Red Star Type 2v2r3 from 450 to 700 and a Red Star with rivets sold for 900 CHF (starting 400 CHF). All were without documents. Among the unsold lots of interest were an RSFSR Red Banner (2300 CHF) Laureat of the State prize with document (750 CHF) and a Red Banner no. 2 (400 CHF). Brisk sales and sometimes astronomical bids were for British and especially Russian awards.

The previous 3rd auction held in Geneva was on 23 November 2003 and saw the sale of few Soviet awards (7 of 201 lots). All were in very good condition, but undocumented. The sold items were:

1) the Gold Hammer and Sickle Hero of Socialist Labour (type 1 no 8951) for the starting price of 750 CHF (cca 600 USD),
2) the Order of Mother Heroine for 160 CHF (from starting price of 150 thus cca 130 USD),
3) the Order of the October Revolution (four rivets number 41658) for the starting price of 230 CHF (cca 185 USD) and
4) the Order for Homeland Service in the Armed Forces of the USSR (3rd degree) also for the starting price of 250 CHF (cca 200 USD).

Not sold were an Order of the October Revolution (five rivets number 87433), an Order of The Great Patriotic War 1st Degree number (WWII issue number 40256) and an Order of Labour Glory 2nd Class - all with a starting price of 230 CHF - cca 185 USD).

All prices were subject to an additional 18% fee and VAT of 7.6% (thus the Hero of Labour for 760 USD).

See the catalogue on

  Chisinau collectors Club

  Membership card of Chisinau collector's club:

Chisinau Collector's Club membership card   and the reverse   

Members of the Chisinau collector's club which meet quite religiously most Sunday mornings in the '"Dom Oficerov'" on Tighina str. (formelrly in the "house of railroad workers"). The Club's President, Mr. Victor Alexandrovich Tocmacov, is an honest antique dealer and proprietor of the "Antikvar Salon" (ground floor of hotel Cosmos).

Club members and visitors are expected to pay about 1/2 a USD entry fee. Most start assembling as early as nine am and by lunch time youcan manage to examine most everything (from orders, medals, coins, badges and pins to the occasional uniform, piece of porcelain or hand-engraved tusk of a walrus). If lucky you will also have some salo and cognag or vodka. The club is frequented by few foreigners and the preferred currency is more and more Euro rather than USD (you can also pay in Moldovan lei). In terms of Awards most collectors are honest but several dealers come regularly with fakes waiting for well-to-do foreigners who are known to be quite capable to buy whatever that resembles Soviet memorabilia for outrageous prices.

The Club is not listed in the "Lonely Planet" but if in Chisinau - definitely pay it a visit!


Badge on the Modovan Union of Nobles (below)! - No, I am not a member...

A few photos from the club and the Chisinau market...for more see Interesting 2.

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