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This page has been in preparation since March 2002 and was posted on Victory Day 9 May 2002. 



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Name: cvetko bajc data: 2005-06-19 02:49:39 email:
Hi Oldrich!
We met in Novegro - Militalia. In the meantime I get few orders and medals from former Soviet republics ( Georgia, Azerbaizan etc. ) If you are interesting on them, please, let me know. I`ll be able to send you scans after July 4th.
Best regards.
Hello Cvetko,
Yes please send me what you have, may be interested!
Name: Jim Marshall data: 2005-06-06 16:51:06 email:

There is one Russian-Ethiopian award I need for my collection, so I'd appreciate it if you and your readers would keep an eye out for it. It's shaped like a large coin, so it's a table medal. Bronze and 51mm, on the front it shows two facing busts of two Patriarchs, with a cross above with two sprigs, inscription below. On the back, the inscription in Russian translates to "In memory of the visit of the Patriarch of the Russian Church, Pimen, to the Ethiopian Church." In Amharic, it then reads "Of Moscow and all Russia the Patriarch pimen visiting the Ethiopian Church, 1974" It isn't particularly valuable according to my book on Ethiopian medals, but it's still missing from my collection.

Naturally, other ususual medals of Royal Ethiopia and Haile Selassie I are always welcome, and I'm happy to answer questions about them also.

thanks and blessings,

Never saw it, perhaps upload it to the forum, will keep an eye out for it!
Name: Grant Tobin (Medalklector) data: 2005-06-06 16:44:12 email:
Hi there,

I wanted to know if you had an October Revolution (either 4 or 5 rivet) medals you would like to sell.

Yes I have a few, have a look at the awards for exchange page!
Name: Itzhak data: 2005-06-03 05:23:11 email:
HI! My name is Itzhak and I am faleristical colectioner from Israel.There are only few orders which I still havent found for my soviet awards collection.One of them is Order of Suvorov,2nd Class.If you have it I would like to offer you some equival, atractive exchange.My offer is Order of Glory 2nd class with the border number 234 ( the picture in attachment) and I am interisting in changing for Order of Suvorov 2nd class.
If you are experienced in faleristic- so you should know that the price of my order in present time is nearly the same becouse of extrimely rarity of the piece (approximetely of 500 orders of Glory second class with the border where issued).Either I dont know anyone from my faleristic collectioners who ever got such a low number.

Thank You
Sancery your, Itzhak Krol
PS:Unfortunately I see that its impossible to attached pictures to my message for your web site.If you are interesing about my offer send me your email adrees.
Dear Itzhak,
lucky you to be missionly a few pieces! I unfortunately do not have a Suvorov at all but will keep you in mind, I could offer a hero of labour or hero of soviet union, please see my awards for exchange page for what I am looking for! I know you border second class, I have one too, indeed quite rare.
Name: Serge PEDELABORDE data: 2005-06-01 12:27:23 email: Olds paratrooper badges. (URSS)
Not your activity, but if you find old paratroopers badges of your country, since 1936 (Only original),i will be interested by any proposal.
I know Petr KOVALJOV and Martin KLIM.
Greetings of France.
Hi Serge,

sorry, I have no badges,
Name: John Fairclough data: 2005-05-20 15:42:40 email:

Do you still want the Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class on suspension, please let me know?
Yes, please post scan on the forum, thanks,
Name: robert west data: 2005-05-08 17:44:15 email:
hi, i stumbled upon youre site while surfing. site is exactly what i am looking for because i have just started collecting soviet medals. ultimately i want to have all the 2nd war victory and campaign medals. is this likely or are some too expensive or impossible to get. is it possible to find out the recipients of the medal for bravery, the order of the red star and the order of the patriotic war, by virtue of the medals being numbered. excellent site, many thanks for taking the time to create it.
Dear Robert, good that you like the site and I hope that your collection expands, if you need anything look at my awards for exchange page, perhaps I can spare a few for you (the victory medals are not so expensive). As to names of medal holders, that is a problem, there where hundreds of thousands fir the Red Star Order or the Bravery medals, so logically no list (only in the archives). There is a rather complete list only of Heroes of the Soviet Unioin and the Orde of Glory.
Name: joachim data: 2005-05-07 11:09:02 email: jkaranjes

quite nice side.
How much time did you spend to create this website?
I ques you are a pensioner and try to remember all those who suffered in the wars.

I believe that you are not only businessmen who sucks medals from those who desperately needs money for live.

Hi Joachim,
no I am not a pensioner and no I do not take money from pensioners to degrade them. If you knew more about this area you would appreciate that awards have been collected for years like coins and stamps and that their owners, for various reasons, sell them sometimes. In the Soviet space its true some sell to survive, but in a majority of cases awards are sold to dealers after the death of the owner by the family. Yes perhaps its not nice either but its life. I do spend time on my hobby, better than only drinking and sending silly emails to people I think. But we all have our weaknesses - do we not?
Name: Mr Ilkka Juntunen data: 2005-05-03 15:34:07 email:
Could you kindly inform me of the "Gold Star Medal of Hero of the Soviet Union" #9132. Have you any details of the receiver, when and what for did he get the Order?

this looks like an easy question, but no so. I can look it up in literature for you but its really a lot of work and time to give you all the the details.
Anyway, the name is Korolev Nikolaj Mihajlovich, awarded on 19.4.1945. In 1988 he was still alive, thereafter one would have to look into archives... Hope this helps. If you can, please send me scan of medal and documents.
Name: twentyniner data: 2005-04-28 16:03:10 email:
I am looking for a "Defence of Moscow" with original backing and ribbon. Please state condition and variation.

Thank you
See my awards for exchange page I have one (t1 -soldered ring). Oldrich
Name: Vienas Du data: 2005-04-28 08:19:22 email:
I have for exchange or sale orders, medals, badges from USSR, Russia, Romania, Austria, Mongolia, Lithuania.
Hi, thanks for visiting, see what I have and what I am looking for on the awards for exchange page and send me what you have to offer, scans too please for exchange,
Name: Clint Daniel data: 2005-04-24 21:06:04 email:
Hello, wonderful website. I think we may be able to get together and trade for a few items. My website is Like you, I don't mind trading rather than selling to enrich my collection. Terrific website!! All the best.
C. Daniel
OMSA Member
Thank you for your compliments Clint, I have looked at yours too, much wider in scope, very nice indeed. I am rather specialised (and still its too wide for me frankly)and try to focus on the Soviet period only. Lets stay in touch,
Name: John Fairclough data: 2005-04-23 14:46:53 email:
I have got a Order of Patriotic War 2nd Class on Suspension for sale or trade. If any one is interested please let know.

I also a few other medals for sale or trade please email me for list.
Hi John, please just post scan on the forum! Am interested if in good shape.

Name: Martin Amor data: 2005-04-09 07:12:09 email:
Hi, me again, apart from the Gold head Lenin, Ive recently bought a Bogdan 2nd (the last variation I think) class and a Suvorov 3rd class 3 rivet type 2. Im not sure if these are genuine, if they are fake they are very, very, good. I checked them for measurements, detail etc. with all info. I had available and could not find a good reason to dismiiss them as fakes, so, for good or ill, I bought them. I must say that even hear in the Baltic states these are the only examples of these orders (except for one Bogdan 3rd class that was an obvious fake) Ive seen. So whilst I know there are good fakes around I have not seen any of these two orders before. I must say that its quite facinating collecting these medals and does take over a little bit (much to my wifes dismay) Ive been here in the Baltics about 18 months now and have quite a respectable collection. Most of which I think is genuine although with hind sight I do know that I have been caught with a few fakes. Again I would appreciate any advice you have to give. Many thanks Martin.
Hi Martin, good for you, glad to hear that your hobby took off to such a good start and your collection keeps growing. As my Gold head lenin still no conclusive proof either way...perhaps you can send me scancs and detailed wights of yours to compare? If you have more for me that you may wish to keep private send to or just post to the Forum!
Name: Martin Amor data: 2005-04-09 06:43:03 email:
Hi, I see you have an order of Lenin gold head that you have been warned is a fake! Did you ever find out if it was fake or not?? I,m asking as I have recently been ofered one that is in excellent condition. Something has held me back from buying it and I was looking for info. when I came across yours. I at the moment am living in the Baltic states (Latvia) and I know there are a lot of fakes around. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks Martin.
Name: sota-Teppo data: 2005-03-26 20:01:16 email:
Great site and awesome collection!
Thanks for the compliment! Why not join the Forum if you have anything to add or share?
Name: Bazza data: 2005-03-25 13:36:36 email:
Hey Oldrich,
Lately, especially on e-bay, I have been seeing 'Orders of the Patriotic War 3rd Class'for sale. However, I have not seen this item listed on your or any other site. Does this award actually exist? It is identical to 2nd class, but the hammer and sickle appear to be silver.
Hi Bazza,
Send me a link to look myself or download a scan and add to the forum - but this is complete news to me. Never existed unless brought in by Umalatova.
Name: Jean-Sam. Karlen data: 2005-03-23 07:40:03 email:
Hello again Oldrich,
As I have told you earlier on the phone, the price of the gun depends greatly on the quality of it and on small details which make it either rare or dead common. I have seen the one priced at USD 1700.-: although very nice, it only has English markings along the barrel that also state that it has been reissued !!! Hence its low price. One always has to be extra careful in this collecting business and whatever shines does not always prove to be gold.
All the best.
Name: BOHREN FREDY data: 2005-03-22 18:00:25 email:
hello Oldrich votre site est excellent de très bonne qualitée et merci pour la référence à notre S.S.P. ,peut-êtres un article en français bientôt merci Thanks FREDY
Bonjour Freddy, merci pour votre compliments! Un article un francais se peut dificile pour moi, mais peut etre tu ecris queque chose!
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