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This page has been in preparation since March 2002 and was posted on Victory Day 9 May 2002. 



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Name: abzeichen123 data: 2005-10-06 18:17:47 email:
Hallo Oldrich,

schöne + gelungene HP, gratuliere!
Sie haben einige Orden/Medaillen zum Tausch, verkaufen Sie auch welche?

Danke im Voraus!
I prefer to exchange, see my awards for exchange page - make me an offer I cannot refuse and perhaps,
Name: Paul Trethewey data: 2005-10-05 16:01:35 email:
Hello ! I am in possession of a Russian Order for Personal Courage. Number 0680 It was awarded to me by Boris Yeltsin in the prescence of The Queen of England. I recieved the award from Mr Boris Pankin, the Russian Ambassador in London at the time. The Medal you show looks authentic - but the picture from the back looks like a forgery. Anyway just writing to say that you have a great website - very informative ! Best wishes
Paul Trethewey
Dear Paul,

thank you for the compliment, you are indeed and honored person then. Your award must then of the avers be also a bit different from the Soviet issues that had the letters CCCP or was it still Soviet times? I do not think that I have a forgery but anything is possible in this world!
Name: Paul data: 2005-10-02 05:26:02 email:
Skin'te tseni na Ordena VOV 1;2 stepeni, e-mail vishe.
Dorogoi Paul,

ceny zavisit ot nomera ordena, nevozmozhno tak skazat, kakoi Vas interesujet tochno?
Name: Paul data: 2005-09-30 09:58:14 email:
Pojalusta otvet'te na moi e-mail
Name: marco data: 2005-09-30 07:07:59 email:





Dear Marco, I do not have any reproductions, there is a company in Russia, see my links that has reproductions!
Name: Yves Sicallac data: 2005-09-20 02:12:14 email:
I'm interested in your "20 years Irreproachable Service in the Ministry of Protection of Public Order (MOOP) Azerbaijan" medal but I have only few medals to exchange, and none is in your list of search.Would you consider an exchange with a medal that is not in your search list? If not would you consider to sell this medal and at what price?

Best regard,

Name: adam data: 2005-09-15 00:18:07 email:
Greetings, I am an avid collector of Imperial/soviet russian orders. Now, your unknown badge with the "romanov eagle" is a "FSB" bage. Basicaly the New KGB, (take a look at KGB badges) the government must have liked the general shape, ITS EXCATLLY LIKE A KGB BADGE; save the "Imperial Seal"
Name: admin data: 2005-09-01 12:24:12 email:
Name: Jorgen data: 2005-08-30 08:09:51 email:
Dear Oldrich,
You were quite right about the increase in prices! I visited the Order and Medal-market in Chisinau(Moldova)two Sundays in late July and August. There were many pieces that had gone up three and four times since I left Moldova in late 2003. Some examples of prices:

Lenin Order USD 650
Order of Red Banner USD 120
October Revolution USD 250
Maternity Hero USD 250
Slava III, Snak Patjota USD 40
The cheapest medals had not risen so much.
Most of the sellers said that its the high demand in Russia that has triggered up the prices, so its not so easy nowdays!

All the best from Malmo!

Name: Brent Mitchel data: 2005-08-12 02:58:35 email:
I was given an Order of Red Star Medal. It was said to have been given to my Great Uncle from Ukraine, an officer in the Red Army, and passed down to me. Could you please be so kind as to tell me if you can provide any information on #989289, date, location etc. I live in Alaska and am grateful you have so much information to share. Thank you!

Dear Brent,

did you also get a document? Its difficult to ascertain the particulars of an order without accessing archives (lknowing the full name and unit etc.). Even this is apid service and takes months. Acoording to my records between November 1944 and February 45. No. 1023549 according to Kucenko was issued in February 1945. Please send me a scan of the reverse, perhaps I can say more,
Name: Togrul data: 2005-08-07 13:12:54 email:
i can sell you some type of medals for cheap.
if you interested in please inform me.
thank you for your attention.
What do you have and for what prices? Send scans if serious,
Name: Keith data: 2005-08-07 11:00:31 email:
Have you heard a medal named 'For Children" which is issued from the National Authority For Children, Implementing Agency of Mongolia Governement
Hi Keith,
I am not aware of any medals issued for children, there is an order for motherhood 1st and 2nd degree though...I have3 records only for State issued medals and orders, perhaps ministries issued ther own., that is all I can think of.
Name: Dmitriy data: 2005-07-27 20:55:00 email:
HELLO.I SEE ALSO YOU HAVE Medal of Ushakov (#8932)without a document AND Medal of Ushakov (#2453)WITH document.
Name: Dmitriy data: 2005-07-27 20:34:10 email:
Hello.did you sale the order Of the Patriotic War 1st Class
serial number (14362)? if yes-let me know the price.also
if you have somethink for sale send me email.
whait for your regards.DMITRIY.
Name: Geoff Liebrandt data: 2005-07-26 23:22:34 email:
Hello. I'm looking for a sample of an award document for the Combat Service medal. I would prefer a document awarded during the war over a post-war sample - but if there is little difference, I would take a post-war sample. Do you know how easy these documents are to find, price range, and possible sources for these documents? Thanks! Sincerely, Geoff
I will look if I have one for you...
Name: Jeff Bohleber data: 2005-07-18 12:41:35 email:
A friend brought back an Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class with #975313 on the back and two line maker mark.
When was this produced? Is is WWII? What are "beams" on the reverse?
What is it worth (US $)?
Dear Jeff,
no. 956186 was issued in June 19868, war issues were rooughly into the 700 thousands with afew in 800 thousands. The beams? PLEASE SEND A SCAN IF YOU WANT MORE INFO.
Name: Anton Yavorsky data: 2005-07-17 20:31:16 email:
I am interested in selling an Order of Lenin (I believe it is Type 5). It was awarded to my great grandmother in 1957/8. Unfortunately I do not have the original documents at the moment, although I may be able to get them sent over from Russia.
Could you tell me if you are interested and how much you would be willing to offer me. I understand that you will be concerned about authenticity and (I am new to this!) I would be willing to allow you run whatever checks are necessary.
Best wishes,
Dear Anton,
please send me a scan (avers and reverse), only then can I say if I am interested or not,
Name: Mark Sikes data: 2005-07-07 17:10:53 email:

I wish to say first that your site is one if not the best site I have found on Russian Orders/Medals!

I wish to also add that I have several Russian documents that were left to me by my father when he passed away. He was a long long time collector of Militaria. I wanted to ask if I send you some scans could you possibly provide information on them.

Thank you in advance
Dear Mark,

thanks for the kind words, will be happy to help if I can send to me on!

Name: leonid sandler data: 2005-06-30 09:16:49 email:
i'm interested in ushakov medal, i would like to buy it for $400.00.Please let me know.
Thank you
Dear Leonid,
I would like to exchange the Ushakov rather than selll and in every case 400 USD is far too low a price for it, sorry,
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