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This page has been in preparation since March 2002 and was posted on Victory Day 9 May 2002. 



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Name: zamtv data: 2006-06-13 02:28:41 email:
Order of Alexander Nevski suspension and type 2
i love much? thank yo
Name: Francois Dutil data: 2006-06-05 20:24:12 email:
Me again. I just went through your photos, you have no idea how much I envy you! You met Peter Ustinov! I would have given ANYTHING for a few minutes to chat with that great man! He is without a doubt the one person in this World I would've travelled any distance to meet. Consider yourself very fortunate my friend, you were next to a piece of living history that bridged all frontiers during a time where there were too many frontiers.

And sorry for not mentioning it before, your web site is a treasure of information, thank you very much for all this information!
Thanks for your compliments, yes I was lucky to meet Sir peter at least briefly and enjoy his 2 hour ex-promtu tak on the merrits of values and peace!
Name: Francois Dutil data: 2006-06-05 18:26:31 email:
Bonjour! I saw you had 2 medals I very much want to add to my WW2 collection to complete my WW2 Soviet set.
-Medal for the defense of Sevastopol
-Medal for the defense of Odessa
Could you please quote me a price? I'm sure we could agree on one. Or if you prefer an exchange, I have well over 500 different medals and orders from the World over. Eagerly awaiting your reply!
Name: Bjoern Clausen data: 2006-06-04 18:28:25 email:
Hello there,

During my deployment to Afghanistan last year, I found a "Order of the red star" on a local market in Kabul. It has the number #238307... I've been trying to find out which type it is using this site - But i can't seem to figure it out! Can you perhaps tell me app. when this order was made? And maybe what type it is?

Best regards,

Bjoern Clausen
Dear Bjoern, would really need to see a scan, but according to the serial number it should have curved-up mintmark below arm, square-italic S/N with circle under base. This type is listed as in number range 46755-254732. The bajonet should point between the s and o. If its authentic its 1942-43 issue, type 4 Monetnij dvor (Moscow Mint). As I collect variations, and do not have one like that I would like to offer you an exchange for a similar type of equal value if you would be interested. Please respond if its possible. oa
Name: zhaaimin data: 2006-06-01 08:39:12 email:
hello: Order of Alexander Nevsky how much?I love it.
I am a chinease ,if i buy somethine,can you send it to china?thank you.
Name: et data: 2006-05-27 05:22:27 email:
Very good site, helped me find out that the medal I was given by my father was awarded for "For Valiant Labour in the Patriotic War (type 2)"
Name: Benas data: 2006-05-25 14:17:19 email:
I have for sale many orders, medals, badges from various countries. Please ask list
Name: tommaso rossellini data: 2006-05-15 12:07:25 email:
i was wondering to what extent the designs of emblemns and pins changed during the de-stalinization period, and the perestroika era, if at all? thank you, thank you.
sorry, not really knowledgeable on pins but fro what I observed the only change was less of Stalin and as years progressed and the Soviet system decayed, the orders, medals and pins got simpler (and more in numbers of beneficiaries); their value in terms of silver and gold content, exept for orders, also went down,
Name: Stuart Jenkins data: 2006-05-09 06:03:59 email:
Medals got here today fast service and they look great
I was hope for some advice on russian federation awards, I am going to make a kolodka for a psudo russian soldier who joined the Red Army. Say this soldier joined in 1977 I am going to try and replicate a Kolodka can you advise me. So for 11 years he would have been in the Red Army and the remainder in the russian army so there would have been a number of awards from both regemes. Also is the order of glory, gallantry, and combat service still issued or where they issued in afganistan. What old soviet awards are still current in Russia today. What awards may this soldier have been awarded during his service time . What is the length of service a person can enlist for if he choses to stay in service. I have been collecting for many years and if you only go off the Welich second edition you lose 30 years soviet and Russian federation awards. This is the first cold war soviet/Russian fed group I have done
Hope this request does not fry your brains
Stu Jenkins
Dear Stu,

no does not fry my brain but am travelling, just quickly, all Soviet awards are still valid in Russia, hangers and ribbons have not changed, see my links sight for offcial Russian medals site for the new awards. By the way, the |Russian law forbids trading in not only new awards but also Soviet one's!
Name: jake data: 2006-04-11 02:03:53 email:
Sir, I'm interested to purchase order of October Revolution(the one without documents)Regretfully, I have nothing to offer to your collection. Would you please inform me about condition of the order, and it's price.
Thank you ,
Name: karjala data: 2006-04-07 07:22:44 email:
ETo prosto lux,
spasibo shto kto-to yakoj est
Stasilowicz Siergeij
Thqnks, glad you like it, spasibo, rad chto vam nravitsa, oa
Name: Vladimir Priimatchenko data: 2006-03-28 15:38:38 email:
Dear Oldrich,
I have couple of ites for exchange with you if possible:
1. My GPW-2, s/n 848679, V7.4 per A.Filer's classification to exchange with yours GPW-2 s/n 701188or 693833 if they are V7.3 or 466398 or 522789 if it's V6.1.4 or 268288 if it's V4.2.2;
2. My Red Star s/n 581396 with yours 480117 if Mint mark is sraight (not curved as on mine).
Please advise if any.
Best regards,
I will look!
Name: nick data: 2006-03-23 13:06:46 email:
Hi, I am looking to find a Order of Freindship and Book and noticed you had one listed is it possible to buy as I have nothing to exchange at the moment? Thanks
Dear Nick,

I regret a piece like that is only for exhange. Sorry, Oldrich
Name: collector data: 2006-03-16 18:31:53 email:
hello everyone ! i am from there anyone who is also, like me, from israel? or may be is interesting in insignia of israel . a can suggest exchange of medals and orders from israel.
waiting for your responding !
P.S. i collect soviet medals and orders veryone who want to make a change them is invited to write me too.
Hi collector, thanks for visiting, send me what you have for exchange, my list is on the Awards for exchange page! Oldrich
Name: MasterBo data: 2006-03-04 05:24:05 email:
Hi all, i would like to trade original olimpic participation medals, all VG condition: Stockholm 1912, Berlin 1936, Moscow 1980, any one ineterested, please make an offer to my e-mail:
Name: olivier data: 2006-02-19 10:13:50 email:
Dear sir,
Starting Russian order collection. Collecting europeen orders since long time but was effraid by russian copy (my first buy was a bad copy of october révolution ((( )
Looking to buy a friendship order and a Lénin (number is egal)
Don't have something to exchange except europeen order as well.
best regards, olivier
If you are intresting send me a mail.
Dear Olivier, Well keep at it, but be aware, even complicated orders today get falsified. I may be able to help start a fellow collector off, drop me an email, all the best,
Name: Mark Signa data: 2006-02-18 13:04:06 email:
Offering for exchange:
Researched group: Colonel Romanenko - commander of 129 division. Medals - Defence of Moscow, Capture of Berlin, Victory over Germany. Orders - very professional copy's - Order of Nevsky, Order of Kutuzov 2nd. E-mail for details. Regards, Mark.
Dear Mark, sounds interesting, why are the orders copies ... do you know what happened with the originals? Do you have all documents or some photos perhaps?
Name: Jim data: 2006-02-10 19:12:45 email:
Hi,where can i purchase good quality copies of awards and orders (not the lead types)
Hi Jim,

se my links page, they are called Kapral and are in Russia,
Name: Lascu Leonard data: 2006-02-06 14:57:55 email:
I am interested to buy Romanian Medals and Orders from the royal , communist and after 1989 period.Also I am interested to buy Russian Communist Order's : Red Star, Red Banner...

best regards, leonard
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