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This page has been in preparation since March 2002 and was posted on Victory Day 9 May 2002. 



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Name: David Savage data: 2010-03-28 11:55:19 email:
two years ago I sold my collection a heart rending experiance looking to resurect fear I can never replace what I had I still have a collection of table medals 5 Lenin 3 face 90 year 100 year 2- 1917 1918 Commemorative Revolution have scans what would such get in exchange
Name: David data: 2010-03-27 07:18:37 email:

I currently sell a medal of Elizabeth Petrovna portrait by Jacques Antoine Dassier founding of Moscow University in 1754

on Ebay, if you are interested.

Best regards.
Name: Pavel data: 2010-03-24 13:52:55 email:
Dear Sir,
I am interested in the medal oh the Hero of the USSR.
If you are interested in selling please send me photos and price

Pavel, I do not sell only exchange basically to enrich my collection,
Name: John bull data: 2010-03-18 07:43:25 email:
Freedom Fighter.

Thanks for your wonderful site.
Thanks for the compliment!!!
Name: JOHN BULL. data: 2010-03-18 07:41:36 email: GAMEGODWIN
Freedoom figher

Name: Artem data: 2010-02-24 05:42:20 email:
I'm looking for Ushakov medal 5907.
If you have it I can buy or trade it for the same with document and research!
Thank you.
Hi Artem, I do not have it...
Name: Marc Seret data: 2010-02-23 13:44:46 email:
Dobrii vecher, medal XX let Krasnoi Armii 1 tip eche ne prodana? spasibo.
Ja ne imeju na prodazhu, ischu eje
Name: Peter data: 2010-02-16 19:29:07 email:
Hi, I've got the order of Lenin but I can't say what kind of variation is that(some details controversial). Could someone help me. I can send photos. ANSWER PLEASE
Name: francois data: 2010-02-13 01:33:44 email:
I search a copy of kouban medal
Name: Tatiana data: 2010-02-06 19:28:55 email:
It looks like you wouldn't be interested in my order of Red Star (serial # in the range of 1950000 - 2050000) without documents, but if you could tell me what I possibly could get for it and where can I sale it.
not much its very common, very late issue...
Name: Robert Shanks data: 2010-01-31 12:42:51 email:
Greetings from Bonnie Scotland,

I stumbled across your site and found it yery interesting. Within my modest medal collection I have a few items to Police / Border Guards of the World.

Looking at your list of forsale/swap items I was interested to find that there was a USSR Guarding the State Border in German Silver with the award document.

I was wondering what you might value this item and what you might be interested in exchange if not money. Are you interested at all in British/European medals from WW1 or do you just wish to swap USSR medals?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards.

Yours aye

Bob Shanks

Robert Shanks
Name: wayne data: 2010-01-25 05:12:20 email:
I have the following I am wanting to exchange
Distinguished test paracutist
Distinguished Military Pilot # 100
Distinguished Military navigator # 111
Distigushed Test Pilot #108
Meritrorious Pilot of the USSR #024
Meritrorious Navigator of the USSR # 121

all awards are with original suspensions, ribbons and un cut rings condition with no damage to the front

please let me know if you are interested as I can then email photos. I am looking to trade
Hi, I would be interested in a trade, what would you like in return?
Name: Spas BOZHKOV --Bulgaria data: 2010-01-17 13:53:03 email:
Did you interested of document for jubilee medal 40 years of victory over Germany,without title,rare 30.05.1985-given to bulgarian.Price--300$,only for document,original!!!
Name: chris sipos data: 2010-01-12 07:07:46 email:
Hi. I lived in Russia for 12 years and my wife is Russian. Her grandfather died 6 years ago and his wife has asked us to see if there is any value in his medals. In total there are 13. He was in the merchant navy so most of these medals are non-military, and some are engraved to him. There is also a big bag of coins some of which are nearly a hundred years old and one is a 300 year old ruble. I have some photos, and although not brilliant, there would give you a feel of what we have here. I know they are not worth a fortune, but they must have some value. They nearly all have their ribbons as well. regards, Chris.
Coins I do not understand much but send me the scans of the medals if you want, at least you will know what they are! Oldrich
Name: Jeff data: 2010-01-10 11:02:41 email:
i am looking for info regarding the ribbon of the Afghan (K.h.A.D.) "KGB" service medal. the medal I have has three thick bands of black, red, and green, whereas in the few pics i've seen of the medal, it is the generic red ribbon with thin green and black stripes as seen on other afghan long service medals. Do i have the wrong ribbon or is it a different issue? thank you for your help.
Name: Arik data: 2010-01-09 12:26:45 email:
It says that you have Ushakov medal for exchange.
Can you tell me what is the number of it?
What are you looking for in exchange?
Thank you.
Name: jon data: 2010-01-07 19:14:36 email:
can you tell me where i could obtain replacement ribbons only (not the suspension plates) for the defense of odessa medal and afghan medal for protecting the borders (made in soviet russia).
thank you for your assistance.
best regards,
they are for sale at most collectors meeting I attend, but in the West I really do not know, sorry, oa
Name: Simon Higginson data: 2009-12-14 05:57:14 email:

I have two Russian order of glory medals 1st class in excelent condition, would these be of interest to you or do you know anyone who would be interested, i know these to be very rare, if so please contact the above.


Simon Higginson
Name: Richard O'Hanlon data: 2009-12-05 15:02:05 email:
I'm looking to buy an 'Order of Friendship of Peoples' or 'Order of the patriotic war'.
Do you have one that you would be willing to sell?
Or if not could you give me some advice on how to go about finding one?


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