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Snapshots from Victory day in Chisinau Moldova. For more click on the photo.






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First digital photo
Ambassador Rudolf Perina and myself when buying my first digital camera, Washington (June 2004)
Life long friend
Ivan Fiala visiting Geneva with Lenka over lunch in Versoix 2004
two ministers Two former Moldovan ministers of Justice Ion Paduraru (left) and Ion Morei (2nd from Right)
two colleagues
Two doctors of law, Jano Sikuta and Marketa Sedova visiting Moldova in 1999
A world of a driver
Nikolai Todorov, great friend and a world of a driver in the Cricovo wine cellars 2000
Alfred de Zayas visiting Martin in London, April 2005
An honour
With Alfred de Zayas (centre) and Sergei Kovalev, the Soviet Human Rights Commissioner at the Soviet Mission 1991 in Geneva In Dorotskaia
In Dorotskaia (Moldova) with Grigori Polichinski, his wife Ljuba and daughters Anna and Marichika (7 May 2005)
Before going back to Romania
With Stefan Leonescu in the Cafe du Soleil, Geneva (July 2004)

P.S. photo by Petr Hlavacek
Joep after years
With Joep Merkx in the Thai next to UNHCR (27.12.2002)
P.S. photo by Hans Thoolen
See you next time
Ambassador Rudolf Perina seeing me off at Washington airport (June 2004)
Fun evening
Ala Mindicanu, Lisa and Soren Tejno quite late in the evning
Amazing monastery
Yoko Akasaka, Katherina, Judge Richard Chalkley and Lenka in Romania, Sucheava, Monaster, UNESCO Heritage site(2000)
vitam impendere vero
Alfred de Zayas in his Harvard days
Yoko Akasaka, Katherina, Judge Richard Chalkley and Lenka having dinner in Romania, (2000) Truly dedicated Yoko Akasaka in Moldova
A Mayor with a big M
Iurie Motpan from the Moldovan Ministry of Interior Moldova 2001
Yoko Akasaka (center) and Ekaterina Silvestru (right) after a reception in Moldova 2002
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