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Type 1R2
  Friendship Among Nations

Order of Friendship of Peoples (Орден Дружбы народов, Orden Druzhby narodov) instituted on 17 October 1972. A total 77,719 were awarded to persons, organisations, enterprises, military units, as well as administrative subdivisions of the USSR for "accomplishments in strengthening of inter-race and international friendship and cooperation, for economical, political, scientific, military and cultural development of the Soviet Union".

One of the most intricate and impressive Soviet orders. I have several spare copies, with documents and without that someone may be intersted in. See awards for exchange page or contact me.


AAbundant, readily available, often in wholesale quantities.
CCommon, always available. Occasionally in quantity.
R1Usually available without a long delay. Difficult to find in quantity.
R2Scarce to rare, less seldom available.
R3Rare. Difficult to find.
R4Very rare. Demand outstrips supply, and specimens, when available are often eagerly sought.
R5Extremely rare and seldom available. Collector may have to search for a few years to locate one.
R6Of the highest rarity. Very difficult to obtain.
R7Almost never available. Most collectors will not have a chance to acquire these pieces.
R8Never been on the market. Almost impossible to obtain.
R*Not available for collections.


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