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Type 2 R5
  Order of Lenin

This so called "Gold Head" Lenin (no. 1586) is in excellent condition with a nice and even patina and intact original enamel. I have been recently warned that it is however a copy and am currently investigating!

It replaced the Type 1, the so-called Traktor, which was made from silver and was issued since 1930. In September 1934, the red star and flag, key symbols of the Soviet Union, were added and the order was made of 650 proof gold. The award is stamped and has a soldered silver screw-post and plate. The serial number is stamped and is situated under the screw post, just above the protruding and slightly curved downwards word MONDVOR. Only several hundred were issued and by early 1935 the model was changed once again to type 3, the "Silver Lenin", which was issued until June 1936. Then came Type 4 ("Platinum Head screwback" that was issued until June 1943 after which several more types appeared, but always on a suspension and with only slight modifications. One story for the rather frequent changes in design goes as follows: Type one featuring Lenin's profile just above a tractor was not considered sufficiently eloquent. Then one made fully of gold, including Lenin's profile, was too opulent, hence the change to silver. Silver, however had the nasty habit to darken and who wanted a tanned Lenin... . So a solution was found, gold award with a platinum head of Lenin. It was this variation that survived with a few minor modifications until the demise of the USSR - by which time more than 460.000 awards were issued.

AAbundant, readily available, often in wholesale quantities.
CCommon, always available. Occasionally in quantity.
R1Usually available without a long delay. Difficult to find in quantity.
R2Scarce to rare, less seldom available.
R3Rare. Difficult to find.
R4Very rare. Demand outstrips supply, and specimens, when available are often eagerly sought.
R5Extremely rare and seldom available. Collector may have to search for a few years to locate one.
R6Of the highest rarity. Very difficult to obtain.
R7Almost never available. Most collectors will not have a chance to acquire these pieces.
R8Never been on the market. Almost impossible to obtain.
R*Not available for collections.


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