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Snapshots from Victory day in Chisinau Moldova. For more click on the photo.






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  I do not post links by reciprocity only and I try to select sites that give added value and are worth visiting 



Dealers/on line trading

Dimitry Markov Coins & Medals
Solid dealer (Dmitry Markov) in Soviet/Russian orders, medals and documents, reasonable prices.

Collect Russia
Soviet, socialist countries and Russia orders, medals, documents, uniforms and military equipment - a huge site of an established militaria dealer in the United States.

Soviet Authentications by "Nota Bene"
Soviet, Socialist countries and contemporary Russian awards, groups, militaria and accessories - reasonable prices. One of the most useful fakes alert page around!

Peter Morris Dealer in Coins and Medals
Reputable British dealer in coins and medals, including Soviet period awards - reasonable prices.

Solid dealer in Soviet awards,small choice but reasonable prices.

Russian site of Samara collectors, excellent knowhow, good fakes info and large choice of items. Prices disapeared as did the part "Shop". Now only "Museum". Good that the collectors did not go behind bars I suppose...

Raymond D Holdich International
Interesting London based dealer, site has problems though and prices seem high.

Carsten Zeige
German dealer/auction house with a wide range of awards (German and English language site). BEWARE: they readily sell fakes and refuse to acknowledge responsibility - no money back guarantee even when its an obvious forgery!

La Galerie Numismatique
Coin and medal dealer based in Luasanne (CH) who conducts auctions with many Socialist awards.

Trident military
Welcome by music jingle when you log on and many East European collectibles on offer.

Webstore portal with collectibles, antiques, militaria, decorations and medals, as well as works of art, coins and stamps worldwide. Mostly Bulgaria and East Europe

Webstore portal with coins and awards, good prices, solid dealer opreating from Czech Republic. Great site although be patient for the flash downloads!

Herbst Historika Militaria Faleristika
Webstore portal with medals of many countries including a few from USSR. What is good they also stock some decent catalogues and literature.

Online Military store
Selling Soviet and Russian military uniforms, hats, gas masks, medals, badges and other military surplus.

Online Military Store
Everything from Soviet military uniforms, accessories and badges etc..

Liverpool Medals Ltd.
Focus on British Medals and Decorations as well of other countries. Some interesting Soviet medals and badges at good prices it seems.


My favorite coin sites

Romanian coinage
Helpful overview of Romanian coins.

Ukraine commemorative coins
Site of Ukrainian National Bank (Commemorative coins list).

Transdniestrian commemorative Coins
Site of "Transdniestrian National Bank and lists of coins".

Moldovan commemorative Coins
Lists of commemorative coins issued by the Moldovan National Bank.

Collectors societies & fora

Societe Suisse de Phaleristique
Site of the Swiss falerist society of which I am a member too!

Orders and medals society of America
The Orders and Medals Society of America homepage. Join up!

Soviet Military Awards
An excellent Soviet military awards page with a very good forum - a wealth of information. They have strict rules in the Forum and I have been banned as I am deemed to be a comercial site... . Still recommended for info.

Military historica club
Russian language military historical club.


Militaria collectors
Collector specializing in Soviet Uniforms.


My favorite sites
The site of Michael Moore, award winning director and anti-Bush administration activist.
My friend's personal site, his publications, translations and some photos.

Informative sites

Mondvor Narod
Probably the best site providing details of Soviet/Russian and other awards and documents (Russian).

Catalogue of Orders, Medals and Badges of USSR
An excellent site but most info only in Russian...some pages translated. Problems with downloadings jpgs... (Russian)

Catalogue of World Decorationsl
A great site of encyclopeadic value of awards of the world (in Russian) - a must to visit!

WW2 Awards
Fast growing site of much interest.

A great research site listing many collecting societies web addresses. A must see!

A most useful site in Russian about fakes of some orders and medals.

Medals of the world
Very useful site when you want to see and read basic info on Soviet issue awards and ribbons.

Museum of Russian and Soviet Orders
Russian language basic information and descriptions.

Rustyknights Place
Great site with much information on medals and orders of many countries, including USSR.

State awards of the RF
Official site of Russian Federation issued awards.

Orders and medals of Mongolia
Excellent site with information on Mongolian awards.

Hendriks Medal Corner
Great site with medals of many countries also in Dutch and French.

Transdiestrian awards
Official site of Transdniestrian Moldovan republic and the list of their awards.

Moldovan photo gallery
Rare photos of Moldova & Transdnietria by Mr. V Corcimari - leading press photographer of Moldova.

Animated Gifs, Animated Images & Animations
Archive of free animated pictures in 844 categories including flags. Offered for download, aslinks or send to friends by eCard.

A short video of Soviet Medals and Orders (not only 1941 - 1945) - youtube

An interesting video of Soviet Medals and Orders (37 minutes in Russian) - youtube


Soviet screwbacks
Excellent site intended for in-depth reference information on some of the most diverse Orders! Currently site is under construction.
Electronic Phaleristic Encyclopedia. Hundreds of links to collectingwebsites.

Red Medals
A great site of much information including on fakes and prices (in Russian) - worth a visit!

Antico Presidio
Sells Italian and Soviet medals and orders, coins, postmarks etc..
Very interesting site, partially in English, very good for Russian federation, Mongolian & German awards and super on Soviet replicas and how to get them!
The sites of Sazhi (Suga) Umalatova - post Soviet awards of the Permanent Soviet of national Deputies of the USSR.
Estonian antique dealer small choice of medals & orders (prices in euro).




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